Accepting Projects

About Jake Rueth

I’m one of them creative types. I grew up in a small farm town & sure I had friends but we all lived miles away from each other so I spent the bulk of my days at home drawing, painting, & playing with Rubik’s cubes. Ever since I was a little chomper I wanted to grow up & to be an artist. Now, that I am, I live each day as creatively as possible & enjoy educating myself, making new discoveries, & taking on challenging projects.

Education & Professional Experience

I got my first creative job at Slewfoot Signs even before I graduated college. While there, I developed solid proficiency in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and was introduced to the world of sign construction and design. I stayed at Slewfoot’s for almost 4 years until I was offered a position at iPromo. I worked as a Graphic & Web Designer and picked up skills in HTML and CSS from working along side the Lead Programer. While at iPromo I grew exponentially as an artist and quickly became their Lead Designer. From there my skills in Adobe Illustrator were recognized by Lizardfish Graphics and I accepted the role to be their Creative Director. My main tasks are Vector Conversions, Layout & Preparing files for Screen Printing, Layer Masking & Image Manipulation, as well as Web Design and Front End Development.

On the flipside of my professional career path I've developed working relations with several freelance clients and companies. The projects range from designing comic book logos to vinyl graphics. Tiny pixel icons to sides of semi trailers. I now have over 10 years of professional experience and I am ready to tackle any project that comes my way.

Crazy About Cubes!

Jake Rueth is a talented “speedcuber” & has competed in 2 Rubik’s World Champion- ships, as well as several smaller competions. He once held the National Record in Rubik’s Magic and also once held the World Record in the “Skewb”

Artist by Day & Night

After a long day of designing and vectoring, Jake doesn’t stop! Jake enjoys painting & drawing & creating colorful illustrations of his imaginary friends. Jake is known for his crisp, clean, colorful, & cute works of art & has traveled around to conventions & art shows to display his creations. In art forums all over the web Jake has always gone by cubecrazy2: