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Major Site Update! Back at it!

Finally, after several years, I updated my site.  I cleaned up some pages as well as added a portfolio and new resumes.  The past few years have been pretty crazy both professionally and personally and I had to step away from the social world but now that I’m slowly getting back up to speed I’m hoping to do some regular updates, puzzle solutions, and other odds and ends.  I have some new puzzles heading my way and collected quite a bit since I disappeared, if there are any puzzles you are struggling with let me know and I’ll try and do write up on it in the days and months to come.



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New Artwork! I’ve been featured!

Cute Tardis artworkWell, things have been pretty busy for me lately. I’ve gone to several conventions all over the midwest and having a great time hanging out with art friends and meeting new people. Lately I’ve also been watching a lot of Doctor Who, so I created an illustration inspired by the show. I used to watch the old Doctor Who episodes on PBS when I was little but haven’t gotten around to watching the new series until it popped up on Netflix.

Jacob Rueth's featured artworkOne of pieces “Catch a Big One”, has been getting some big exposure online. It was featured as a Daily Deviation on! This kept me busy with the flood of comments and emails for quite some time. The piece was also noticed by, Artist and Director of Community Operations, Fiona Hooley, who selected this piece  to be included in the Community section of Digital Artist Magazine (Issue 19 – page 18). Read More…

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Negative Thinking Sketch | Final

Sketch by Jacob RuethI finished a new piece today!  I’m very excited about this one as it deals with an important message, and it turned out super awesome.

I was doodling to some tunes in the Brickhaus Cafe in Jefferson, WI again, and a song popped up on my Zune.  I haven’t listened to it in several years.  The band is called “The Death Set” and the song is titled “Negative Thinking”.  Its probably my favorite song on the album but the song got me thinking how important it is to have positive outlets to vent our negativity.

Whenever I feel bad, or feeling stressed, I block away a set amount of time to draw.  I feel a million times better after a drawing session and not only did it make me feel better but I’ve been productive too!

Several of my friends have told me, “Jake, thats cool that you have that kind of outlet, but I am not that lucky. I can’t draw!” Read More…

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Catch A Big One! Sketch/Final

Catch A Big One | SketchMy Latest Illustration is up on DeviantArt and its kind of a weird one how it came to be.
I was at the Brickhaus Cafe, in Jefferson, and while cranking up some tunes and sipping a chai latte, I doodled this out. It was a silly idea where in this world there are these water creatures and they are so timid and afraid that when the break the surface of the water they are paralyzed by fear. There are these land creatures that realize these water creature’s fear and use that to turn the creatures into their homes.

The little guy on the tongue in the bottom right corner is fishing for an addition to his cool home.

Once I finished the doodle, I sat back in my chair and thought, “Wow, this sort of parallels my current living situation.” Read More…

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There is a World Inside Me

Jake Rueth's Newest Illustration On the car drive up to DaishoCon, in Steven’s Point, I had a silly idea about an alternate world inside of us, and what we do to our bodies effects the worlds inside.  I remember driving past several Anti Smoking billboards and thinking how ineffective they really are.  I personally don’t smoke but I’m not the kind of person to say, “HEY, DON’T DO THAT!”

I also believe that we have a right to choose what we do and it isn’t my job to tell you whether to smoke or not.  Though, I try and avoid preachy messages in my images, I hope this is weird enough where the “Anti Smoking” voice is there but not over-toning the idea of these inwardly worlds.  I hope it is an effective way to convey multiple messages yet being cute and adorable at the same time.  Read More…

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Conventions and New Art

Cornicorn family picture by Jake RuethIts been awhile since I’ve updated my blog, especially concerning my artwork. I just got back from DaishoCon up in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin to complete my 2010 convention tour. DaishoCon was a blast and was by far one of the best, if not, the best Anime/Gaming Convention in Wisconsin.  Read More…

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Adobe CS5!

Jacob Rueth has Adobe CS5WOW! Its been some time since I’ve updated this but several weeks ago I picked up the CS5 Design Premium Suite.  I’ve been rocking CS2 for several years and figured now is time to get myself updated.  At work I use CS4 and so my home copy was missing out on some key features already.  At work my station was updated to CS5 as well so I not only got some professional quality time with the software and personal time with it.

There are some new features in CS5 that I now use almost on a daily basis already! Read More…

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New Painting: YAUN

Jacob Rueth Vector Illustration

Back in 2007, I came up with a character named Yaun.  He’s a mythic beast that feeds off of the “Z’s” that rise from sleeping creatures.  In order to make all the animals fall asleep, Yaun bursts these little colorful spirits called the Yaunies.  They scurry around and make all the creatures drowsy and then collect the “Z’s”  from the sleeping animals and bring them back to Yaun.

I made an illustration back then and looking back on it now… I don’t really like how it turned. out.  I kind of forgot about this character until I met up with an old college friend and we got talking about some of the creatures we came up with and that’s when Yaun came back to me.  I made a little doodle in my sketch book, and a friend saw it and said, “DUDE! YOU HAVE TO PAINT THAT!”

So I did 🙂

Read More…

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Jake Rueth's new booth

Ah!  I can’t keep up with all the amazing things that have happened lately.  Spring Con was glorious!  The MCBA always put on a fantastic event and this year was even better than the last.  This con was a huge success and I don’t know if its because the wonderful folks in Minnesota are so freakin’ cool or if its because of all the new changes I’ve made to my booth!  I think a little of both factored into the success.  Its amazing what difference some $3 dollar stands (from Office Max) and a big honking banner make on the booth.  It was by far the most professional my booth has ever looked, and eliminated the bulk of clutter and messiness that usually occurs at cons.   Other than that I blame the rest on the awesome Minnesota people who were simply incredible to talk to. Read More…

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Panarama by Jake Rueth

YO!  I’m back in my hotel room resizing pics of my glorious trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  NoBrandCon has been a blast so far and I can’t get over all the crazy cool costumes and super nice people that have stopped by my booth:

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