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Negative Thinking Sketch | Final

Negative Feelings small 210x300 Negative Thinking Sketch | FinalI finished a new piece today!  I’m very excited about this one as it deals with an important message, and it turned out super awesome.

I was doodling to some tunes in the Brickhaus Cafe in Jefferson, WI again, and a song popped up on my Zune.  I haven’t listened to it in several years.  The band is called “The Death Set” and the song is titled “Negative Thinking”.  Its probably my favorite song on the album but the song got me thinking how important it is to have positive outlets to vent our negativity.

Whenever I feel bad, or feeling stressed, I block away a set amount of time to draw.  I feel a million times better after a drawing session and not only did it make me feel better but I’ve been productive too!

Several of my friends have told me, “Jake, thats cool that you have that kind of outlet, but I am not that lucky. I can’t draw!” Read More…

Awesome Tunes

9291 impeccable blahs 150x150 Awesome Tunes

I’m always searching for cool tunes to rock out to while I work or doodle and stuff.  Lately I’ve been absorbed into two great albums by bands you probably never heard of.  The first album is called “Impeccable Blahs” by Say Hi To Your Mom.  Just when I’m getting vampired out by cheesy horror films and crappy pop stars, I discover this great album over flowing with catchy tunes and vampire references.

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