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EPIC 3x3xN Solution

This is a minimalistic guide for solving 3x3xN cuboids, where N does not equal one or three. Prior knowledge of solving a 3×3 required for higher ordered versions, preferably experience in scrambling/ solving a cube using 180 degree face turns.

Lets start at the beginning with the:
3x3x2 or Domino Cube

IMG 3872 300x260 EPIC 3x3xN Solution

Hasbro released a computer game, Rubik’s Games, back in 1999.  I remember playing with a computer simulation of the 3x3x2 before playing with a physical version.

IMG 3873 300x276 EPIC 3x3xN SolutionThe first version I’ve seen of the 3x3x2 was the Domino Cube, released by Rubik in 1983.  These rare puzzles would pop up on ebay and fetch $400 back in the 90′s.  I picked up my first domino cube in 2005(ish) for $50 as more and more started resurfacing.  Unfortunately, now the puzzle is being knocked off and recreated by various vendors.

Back in the late 90′s early 2000′s, a member of the Twisty Puzzles forum posted a cool thread about creating 2x2x3 and 3x3x2 cuboids by attaching regular sized 3×3 pieces to a keychain cube.  Many brave puzzle builders jumped on building their own cuboids by hacking their cubes apart, I too attempted to build one but mine didn’t come out all that well and ended up being fragile and falling apart…

But enough history, lets get to solving!

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Helicop Dodec 300x267 Helicopter Dodecahedron, Starminx, and Bandaged CubeThe past week or two I picked up a couple new released puzzles. Unfortunately, these new puzzles don’t offer much challenge as they are simply platonic shifts of pre-existing puzzles. The first being the Helicopter Dodecahedron.

photo 12550 shapeways 150x150 Helicopter Dodecahedron, Starminx, and Bandaged CubeMany puzzle enthusiasts have probably already jumped on the Helicopter Cube which was released over a year ago.  Solving the Helicopter Dodecahedron doesn’t offer much more of a challenge other than more pieces to place and the newly added inner edge pieces.  Though, this may not be a new addition for you if you had a chance to play with TomZ’s Curvy Copter variant. Read More…

Finally, Master Skewb Videos

Sorry folks for the delay, I ran into some complications with editing software for the videos.  Hope these help you out icon smile Finally, Master Skewb Videos
These videos reference an earlier post with the Walk-through for solving the Master Skewb:

Solving the Edges:

Solving the Inner Corners:

183028 763678355898 60705997 39098835 822890 n 150x150 How to Solve the Professor Pyraminx189076 763678271068 60705997 39098834 287228 n 150x150 How to Solve the Professor PyraminxOn Monday I received two puzzles in the mail.  One was the Tutminx by Very Puzzle and the other was the Professor Pyraminx by Mefferts.  The Tutminx is kinda crazy.  It comes blank and requires stickering which is kind of fun.  The actually puzzle itself is a bit annoying as you have to keep track of your turns as its easy to jumble the puzzle.  If you jumble the puzzle up too bad the puzzle will cease up and certain face will not move.

The Professor Pyraminx was by far, way more fun to play with.  After playing with it for a few minutes in the Post Office parking lot, I came up with a fairly decent method for solving the puzzle.  It may not be the best or most efficient method, but it gets the job done.  Here is how I solve the Professor Pyraminx:

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solved 300x284 Mefferts Mosaic Cube Solution Guide

Well, I got my new Mosaic Cube from Mefferts today.  Honestly the cube, though manufactured professionally, is still highly unstable.  The puzzle exploded several times on me after the first couple turns and isn’t very easy or fun to maneuver.  Which is too bad, as for a puzzle, this is a fun one to solve.

My first attempt, before the cube exploded, was to solve the corners, solve the edges, and then solve the centers.  But when the pieces went flying I learned that the centers aren’t floating pieces but actually joined together to the centers on the adjacent sides.  So after seeing the mechanics I realized it might be easier to solve corners, then centers, and then the edges.  This solution proved to be quite efficient, and I had the puzzle solved before leaving the post office parking lot.

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MASTER SKEWB Simple Solution Guide.

New Master Skewbs MASTER SKEWB Simple Solution Guide.

WOW! I haven’t been this excited in a long time!  I hopped on EBAY And found these guys and before I knew it they were on my doorstep.  I’ve been wanting to play with one of these for years, and even contacted some puzzle builders to build me one, but no one got back to me.  These puzzles are great!  They turn very smooth and are very well constructed.

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New Jade Puzzles New Puzzles from Mefferts.comAbout a week ago I received a couple packages from Mefferts has recently come out with some new puzzles or variations of older puzzles. The first package contained the beautifully sculpted Jade Club Puzzles. Read More…

How to Solve the Rex Cube… Kinda…

rex 300x290 How to Solve the Rex Cube... Kinda... I received notification that a package was waiting for me at the post office.  I was totally pumped because I knew it would be the REX Cube from

This puzzle was by Andrew Cormier and is based off of some puzzles in existance today.  The most notable base for this puzzle is the ultra rare Dino Cube.  Throughout the years several puzzles evolved from this base, Rainbow Cube, Brain Twist, Platypus….  but anywho….  The other puzzle hidden in the depths is the Face Turning Octahedron.

Well, the package was  in fact a Rex Cube and I tore through the packaging in the parking lot to scramble it up.  Here is how I went about solving it:

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Gear Cube has arrived!

CIMG00631 295x300 Gear Cube has arrived!I received a Gear Cube from late yesterday after I posted my previous blog about the other puzzles I got.  This puzzle looks really cool and turns really cool but it honestly isn’t much of a puzzle.  I wouldn’t even rank it a 1 star in challenge.  The concept for this puzzle is very interesting and I’m glad to have one in my collection.  The cool thing is it really trips an audience out, plus with it being easy to solve its a good performance piece haha!  I’m actually boothing in a convention this weekend so the steampunk kids may get a kick out of it.

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New Puzzles!

CIMG0062 New Puzzles!

I got home last night to find a fountain of packages from some ebay and online purchases.  All really low priced and great quality!   In total there were 5 new puzzles:  2×2, Axis cube, Lanlan Dodecahedron, Lanlan 4×4 Octahedron, and the QJ Dodecahedron.

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