Rubik’s 2x2x4 Tower Cube & Gear-Cube

Rubik's Tower Cube 2x2x4I got an email from today celebrating the release of 2 new puzzles.  The Rubik’s 2x2x4 Tower Cube is now for sale for $30.  The funny thing is doesn’t have it for sale yet.  Also one could find the Tower cube on ebay for awhile now branded by some Chinese knock off vendor.  What’s even funnier is a small group of us puzzle builders were already making our own 2x2x4 cubes about 6-8 years ago.  Yours truly came up with a cheap and easy way to make the 2x2x4 and all you needed were 2 Rubik’s 2×2 cubes.

I shared my method with Ton Dennenbroek who modified my process and posted this method on his site.  Ton is a very clever puzzle builder and old friend who I met in person at the World Championships in 2003.

So in a way I’m shocked to see it took so long for this puzzle to be mass produced and yet I am honored to see this puzzle finally being produced and would like to express my thanks to Ulrich & Uwe Meffert for producing such fine puzzles and taking the time to listen to the puzzle community.

Gear-CubeThe other puzzle that was mentioned in the email is The Gear-Cube (designed by M. Oskar van Deventer).  This puzzle looks like fun to mess with… I’m not entirely sure how this puzzle gets manipulated but from the looks of it when you rotate a layer the interlocking gears spin the edge piece .  This will lead to a 2 part solution, 1. restore the cube shape, and 2 align the colors.  The images in the email did not have any colored sides but the puzzle will be stickered.

There was no mention about price and from the sounds of it the puzzle will be for sale starting tomorrow night.  I’m definitely going to have to purchase one of these.  I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with this new puzzle.

Rubik's 2x2x4 Tower CubeGear-Cube with twisted edges

-- Download Rubik's 2x2x4 Tower Cube & Gear-Cube as PDF --


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