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New Jade Puzzles New Puzzles from Mefferts.comAbout a week ago I received a couple packages from Mefferts has recently come out with some new puzzles or variations of older puzzles. The first package contained the beautifully sculpted Jade Club Puzzles.

Jade 3x3 300x200 New Puzzles from Mefferts.comThe molded figures give the cube a unique tactile texture which adds to the character of the puzzle.  Each sides supposedly represents the different elements.  The 3×3 puzzle is also quite small compared to a normal 3×3.  Both are beautiful puzzles and I’m glad to have them in my collection.

Volcano 300x276 New Puzzles from Mefferts.comThe other packages contained some of Mefferts newer releases, The Volcano, DaYan Gem, and the 14 faced Skewb Hex.  All these puzzles are fairly easy to solve and don’t offer any real challenges as far as solving goes.

I must admit the Vulcano is the coolest out of the 3.  Its fun spin off of the standard pyraminx and turns in an interesting new way.

The triangular tips rotate along with the individual faces.

Volcano Corner twist 300x261 New Puzzles from Mefferts.comVolcano Face Twist 300x245 New Puzzles from

DaYan Gem Solved 150x150 New Puzzles from Mefferts.comDaYan Gem 150x150 New Puzzles from Mefferts.comThe DaYan Gem, I felt, was the weakest puzzle of the batch.  The solutions is so easy the puzzle basically solves itself.  The puzzle can jumble into some unique shapes but I haven’t explored it any further.

The DaYan Gem is an Edge turning puzzle making it similar to the Helicopter cube.

Finally the Skewb Hex doesn’t offer any new challenge.  If you can solve any of the other skewb puzzles, this one is a piece of cake.  It is a beautiful shape and I do like their color scheme, but if you are looking for a new challenge with the skewb mechanics, I’d leave this one on the shelf for display.

Skewb Hex2 300x253 New Puzzles from

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