MASTER SKEWB Simple Solution Guide.

Master Skewbs

WOW! I haven’t been this excited in a long time!  I hopped on EBAY And found these guys and before I knew it they were on my doorstep.  I’ve been wanting to play with one of these for years, and even contacted some puzzle builders to build me one, but no one got back to me.  These puzzles are great!  They turn very smooth and are very well constructed.

White SkewbsThe normal skewb was one of my favorite puzzles and even held the unofficial world record for quite sometime.  My record was finally broken not to long ago.

The Master Skewb offers a brand new challenge and proved to be a bigger challenge than I expected.  It also has some distinct similarities as the Rex Cube and the Face Turning Octahedron.  After about 2 hours of trial and error I was able to solve the puzzle.  I have worked out a couple simple algorithms to get the job done.

First things first, we need to clarify some notation.  Here is a simple sheet I created to help you out:

Jake's Master Skewb Notation

So now you have a scrambled puzzle, where do you start?

Master Skewb Scrambled

Master Skewb Step1Sorry folks, but I am not going to show you how to do this.  There are plenty of tutorials on the web showing how to do this part. 🙂

When you finish step one your Master Skewb should look like this:

Step One Complete Master Skewb Solution Step2This part is fairly easy and you should only need to use the algorithms above only 3 or 4 times to place all 12 of the edge pieces.

When you finish this step your Master Skewb should look like this:

Jake Solves Master SkewbStep 3 to Solving the Master SkewbThis is perhaps the most time consuming portion of the puzzle.  There are 4 inner Corners on each face that need to be correctly placed.  Using the 3 cycles above you should be able to place them effectively.  This also may require some set up turns to get your piece in place for the 3 cycle.  Just remember that after you complete the alg to undo your setup turns and you shouldn’t have any problems.

After this step the puzzle should be solved!

The cool thing is you can apply these same algorithms on both the Rex Cube and the Face Turning Octahedron!

-- Download MASTER SKEWB Simple Solution Guide. as PDF --


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