Catch A Big One! Sketch/Final

Catch A Big One | SketchMy Latest Illustration is up on DeviantArt and its kind of a weird one how it came to be.
I was at the Brickhaus Cafe, in Jefferson, and while cranking up some tunes and sipping a chai latte, I doodled this out. It was a silly idea where in this world there are these water creatures and they are so timid and afraid that when the break the surface of the water they are paralyzed by fear. There are these land creatures that realize these water creature’s fear and use that to turn the creatures into their homes.

The little guy on the tongue in the bottom right corner is fishing for an addition to his cool home.

Once I finished the doodle, I sat back in my chair and thought, “Wow, this sort of parallels my current living situation.”

I’ve been on the hunt for a new place to live and I fell in love with an apartment in the old Jefferson Middle School. They built a new Middle School several years ago and someone transformed the old school into apartments. The little apartment they had available still even had the old chalkboard in it. Every apartment was unique and creative and cool. After filling out the paperwork the apartment contacted me and said, “We are sorry, we forgot to mention that these apartments are income restricted, and you are not eligible to live here.”

After hearing the news, my dreams were crushed. I wish finding a new home was as easy as casting a line and catching a monster.

I had 2 livestream sessions coloring and vectoring this piece up and it turned out super cute.

Below is how the final piece turned out: Catch A Big On | Final

-- Download Catch A Big One! Sketch/Final as PDF --


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