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Rubik’s 2x2x4 Tower Cube & Gear-Cube

Rubik's Tower Cube 2x2x4I got an email from today celebrating the release of 2 new puzzles.  The Rubik’s 2x2x4 Tower Cube is now for sale for $30.  The funny thing is doesn’t have it for sale yet.  Also one could find the Tower cube on ebay for awhile now branded by some Chinese knock off vendor.  What’s even funnier is a small group of us puzzle builders were already making our own 2x2x4 cubes about 6-8 years ago.  Yours truly came up with a cheap and easy way to make the 2x2x4 and all you needed were 2 Rubik’s 2×2 cubes.

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-- Download Rubik's 2x2x4 Tower Cube & Gear-Cube as PDF --