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Helicop Dodec 300x267 Helicopter Dodecahedron, Starminx, and Bandaged CubeThe past week or two I picked up a couple new released puzzles. Unfortunately, these new puzzles don’t offer much challenge as they are simply platonic shifts of pre-existing puzzles. The first being the Helicopter Dodecahedron.

photo 12550 shapeways 150x150 Helicopter Dodecahedron, Starminx, and Bandaged CubeMany puzzle enthusiasts have probably already jumped on the Helicopter Cube which was released over a year ago.  Solving the Helicopter Dodecahedron doesn’t offer much more of a challenge other than more pieces to place and the newly added inner edge pieces.  Though, this may not be a new addition for you if you had a chance to play with TomZ’s Curvy Copter variant. Read More…

New Puzzles!

CIMG0062 New Puzzles!

I got home last night to find a fountain of packages from some ebay and online purchases.  All really low priced and great quality!   In total there were 5 new puzzles:  2×2, Axis cube, Lanlan Dodecahedron, Lanlan 4×4 Octahedron, and the QJ Dodecahedron.

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