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Tutminx by Very PuzzleProfessor PyraminxOn Monday I received two puzzles in the mail.  One was the Tutminx by Very Puzzle and the other was the Professor Pyraminx by Mefferts.  The Tutminx is kinda crazy.  It comes blank and requires stickering which is kind of fun.  The actually puzzle itself is a bit annoying as you have to keep track of your turns as its easy to jumble the puzzle.  If you jumble the puzzle up too bad the puzzle will cease up and certain face will not move.

The Professor Pyraminx was by far, way more fun to play with.  After playing with it for a few minutes in the Post Office parking lot, I came up with a fairly decent method for solving the puzzle.  It may not be the best or most efficient method, but it gets the job done.  Here is how I solve the Professor Pyraminx:

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MASTER SKEWB Simple Solution Guide.

Master Skewbs

WOW! I haven’t been this excited in a long time!  I hopped on EBAY And found these guys and before I knew it they were on my doorstep.  I’ve been wanting to play with one of these for years, and even contacted some puzzle builders to build me one, but no one got back to me.  These puzzles are great!  They turn very smooth and are very well constructed.

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Mefferts Jade PuzzlesAbout a week ago I received a couple packages from Mefferts has recently come out with some new puzzles or variations of older puzzles. The first package contained the beautifully sculpted Jade Club Puzzles. Read More…

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How to Solve the Rex Cube… Kinda…

Rex Cube from I received notification that a package was waiting for me at the post office.  I was totally pumped because I knew it would be the REX Cube from

This puzzle was by Andrew Cormier and is based off of some puzzles in existance today.  The most notable base for this puzzle is the ultra rare Dino Cube.  Throughout the years several puzzles evolved from this base, Rainbow Cube, Brain Twist, Platypus….  but anywho….  The other puzzle hidden in the depths is the Face Turning Octahedron.

Well, the package was  in fact a Rex Cube and I tore through the packaging in the parking lot to scramble it up.  Here is how I went about solving it:

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Gear Cube has arrived!

Jake Rueth's new Gear CubeI received a Gear Cube from late yesterday after I posted my previous blog about the other puzzles I got.  This puzzle looks really cool and turns really cool but it honestly isn’t much of a puzzle.  I wouldn’t even rank it a 1 star in challenge.  The concept for this puzzle is very interesting and I’m glad to have one in my collection.  The cool thing is it really trips an audience out, plus with it being easy to solve its a good performance piece haha!  I’m actually boothing in a convention this weekend so the steampunk kids may get a kick out of it.

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New Puzzles!

Jake Rueth Got New Puzzles

I got home last night to find a fountain of packages from some ebay and online purchases.  All really low priced and great quality!   In total there were 5 new puzzles:  2×2, Axis cube, Lanlan Dodecahedron, Lanlan 4×4 Octahedron, and the QJ Dodecahedron.

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