Accepting Projects

Woohoo! Jake has been updated!

Jake is busy working on projects which is why this site took some time to refine. Please email to schedule an interview or to discuss potential work. Also, please download his latest resume to check out his swankin' skills! Click on the Pretty resume to view the "Hip Designer" resume, or click on the MS Word resume for your simple "Black & White" needs.
Exciting News! The Portfolio Page is finally live!

Crazy About Cubes!

Jake Rueth is a talented “speedcuber” & has competed in 2 Rubik’s World Champion- ships, as well as several smaller competions. He once held the National Record in Rubik’s Magic and also once held the World Record in the “Skewb”

Artist by Day & Night

After a long day of designing and vectoring, Jake doesn’t stop! Jake enjoys painting & drawing & creating colorful illustrations of his imaginary friends. Jake is known for his crisp, clean, colorful, & cute works of art & has traveled around to conventions & art shows to display his creations. In art forums all over the web Jake has always gone by cubecrazy2: